Be Part of the "Defiance Alliance"

Defiance Lifestyle acceptes applications for sponsorship consideration from October 1st,thru April 1st each season. Please read below for an overview of what we are looking for and apply during that time period.

Sponsorship is serious business, please only apply if you are an active member of a racing community and feel that you can commit to promoting our brand. We don’t automatically give everyone a sponsorship and we review each application individually. If you are about this Lifestyle Sport and our Custom Brand we are excited to support you, as you support us.

Defiance Lifestyle (the inside scoop):

Founded in 1998 and world wide since 2002 we’re growing every year throughout the country and the world! Our brand can be seen nationally at some of the largest Moto related racing events in the US and Canada.  From Motcross to Supercross, BMX to Flattrack we support racers and organizations 48 weeks a year trackside.

We’re looking for more than just great results. Promoting a sponsor is a two way street - we take notice to racers that help us grow awareness and develop new relationships within and out of our community.  We even offer Rep discount codes that equal free merchandise with use.  

***New to sponsorship? reading this article may help - it will give you some insight to the complex world of sponsorship. 


So now you are ready to apply:

-Be sure to Include Full Name, Age and Location.

- Let us know what and where you race, past results, and future plans. 

- send us a photo of wearing or using any current Defiance lifestyle products you may already have.  We love to use these pictures to promotes our racers on social media, ads and even banners.

- We're an expanding brand in the motorsports industry, and are looking to continue our growth. Let us know how you would help us grow the brand - Stickers or logos on your machine are great, but it takes more than that to get results for a brand. Sponsored riders are often times our best promoters, show us what you can do!

-If you're on social media, like our facebook and instagram pages, follow us on twitter - show us you truly want to be a part of the Defiance Alliance. 

- If your local dealership does not carry our products as of yet? Let us know! We offer rep incentives to our racers who help introduce our brand into stores in their area.


Send us your resume by email to: defiancelifestyle@outlook.com -  PDF format is the best